Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lloyd 1 Ton split ac review

I bought a Lloyd 1 Ton 3 star split ac last year and would like to share my review.

Price - Rs 16'000 + Installation 1200 + Stablizer 1500 = Total Rs 18'700.

Cooling - My point of reference is a Carrier window ac 1.5 Ton. my Carrier ac is installed in a 15x11 sq ft room and it lowers the temperature to 24C in about 20 mins in peak summer but I always thought that due to the fast cooling it does not dehumidify the room effectively.
With lloyd ac I get more comfortable feeling as it's compressor runs longer which takes about 1 hr to reach 24C in peak summer. I believe its not giving me 1 Ton cooling may be 0.8 or something.

Quality - I found it to be of decent quality for this price. it has auto swing and shows set temperate on the indoor unit.

Modes - it has cool, fan, dry modes.

Remote control- not of high quality however works well till now. it has a back lit feature but I found that I need to press any button for 2-3 seconds to get the light on.

Noise - Indoor unit is almost silent and outdoor even does not make much noise.

Warranty - 5 Years

I have used this ac for about 10-12 hours each day last reason with out any problem and I hope that it would be in good condition when I turn it on this season.

I need an ac for another room 12x15 sq ft and this time I'll go for a 1 or 1.2 Ton ac as it gives me much more comfortable feeling. I dont want to chill my room, just want it to keep 24-25 C temp and dehumidify efficiently.

Let me know if you have any query or comments.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Carrier Durakool Electronic 1.5 Ton air conditioner review

Hi there,

Today I picked my Carrier 1.5 T electronic window airconditioner for review.
I live in Delhi and bought this window airconditioner in the summer of 2010 and I am very happy with the performance.
Compressor - it has got shanghai highly compressor.
Air flow is pretty good.
Room size where I got this ac fitted is 15x11x11 with north side window with approx 25 sq ft area.
Minimum temperature that you can set is 18 degree celcius but frankly speaking it would be very had in peak summer to reach that low.
In peak summer it would take approx 15 mins to bring down temp to 25 deg. It would take 40 mins to lower down to 23 deg and approx 1hr to reach 21 deg. please note that these were for the peak summer.

Power saver feature is very good. Also got dry mode.
remote is pretty simple without LCD and very light weight. Ac also shows room temperature but only on the maching by pressing a combination of keys.

One thing that I dont like in this ac is the noice that it makes. I think compressor makes a lot of noice but I am happy with the cooling so I did not complain to repair it.

in total I give it 4 stars out of 5 for performance.

All the best.

Micromax Q1 Querty keypad review

Hi there,
I would like to share my reviews about Micromax Q1 mobile phone.
Micromax Q1 has got many features like Querty Keypad, Dual Sim Support, Memory card support, MP3, video support, ebook reader etc but some of them are just for name sake.

Videos - I tried many formats but got success only with only one, which was very bad as the video runs like a, I think video feature is worthless.

Memory card - Although it has a single memory card support but you wont be able to transfer content via data cable. It doesnot support media transfer via data cable and you have to remove the memory card from phone to download data.

Phone is pretty slow too.

Battery talktime is good. I need to charge my phone every 3rd or 4th day but it would depend how much you use it.

Sound quality is pretty bad as sometimes I dont understand what the person is saying. MP3 sound quality is bad too, on phone as well as earphone.

Final conclusion is - you can use this phone as a non multimedia phone as most of the other features are not good.

All the best.

a Querty keypad, Dual sim support, Single memory card.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hyundai i10 vs Beat vs figo

As i was planning to buy a new car with budget around 4 lacs, i did some market research, test drives etc and today i am going to sahre my experience with you.
In the begining i was thinking of buying Ford figo, dealer told be that this particular model of ford is not expensive to maintain, so i took a test drive of ford figo.Result was below expectataion, I did not get the acceleration that i was expection from a ford car. It was a disappointment.
Then i turned to BEAT, As per the advertisement it should be a powerful car with a 1200CC engine but when i took the test drive all my expectations were crushed. I again did not feel acceleration as expected and it was like figo.
Then finally i turned to Hyundai i10 1.1 model era, As i already has a Santro so i am very satisfied with the service and product quality. i 10 was never in my list but i took its test drive and believe me it was very satisfying to drive i10, it has a good acceleration and milage with it.
It wasnt even very costly, era model has AC/power stearing/power window(front) and cost similar to figo or beat.
Finally i bought a i10 era 1.1 model.
If you are planning to buy a new samll car then i suggest you always take a test drive and try i10 its one of the best in the market. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Voltas Vertis Plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 Model

After market research and user reviews i finally bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 model from a dealer near my home.
I trusted Tata product and spent around 20K in total for the deal with stablizer.
After installation i turned ac on and it was making too much noise.
I called the shop and told him my problem and he willingly replaced my ac with a new one.
As soon as i got new one installed i turned it on and this time the fan was hitting something inside and was making much more noise than the previous one.
This time i again gave a call to the dealer and he again gave me option to replace the unit.
I again got it replaced and this time i am very happy with the product, its even so sillent that i can hear a pin drop ( i dont know why its so silent).
Cooling is excellent, remote is good and overall performance it better than the satisfactory.
I believe voltas is poor at quality check.
Out of 3 ac that i installed in my home only 1 is working as expected. why not tata make sure that they check every piece for quality ?
If they do check every piece then why did i get 2 noisy out of 3 ?

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Experience with Samsung , LG, and voltas air conditioner

I have samsung and LG window air conditioner at my home.
LG is 3 years old and samsung is 1 year old.
Recently LG got gas leak as well as PCB problem and i got it fixed for Rs 3000.
Samsung is only 1 year old and running smooth...who knows what colors its gonna show in future.
anyways i am planning to buy a new ac and i have shortlisted voltas vertis plus 1.5T and samsung 1.5T.
Yesterday my neighbour bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5T, Its air swing blades vibrate alot and alos make unbearable noise.
Installation guy told them that another engineer will visit the site and rectify the problem.
I dont know if it has been fixed or not.
Regarding cooling...i feel no difference comparison to LG or Samsung...its cooling capacity is more than samsung and LG but its not much significant and i feel cooling is same (Voltas may take 2-3 min less to cool the room).
If voltas engineer doesnot rectify my neighbor's problem then i would go for a samsung.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Tuner Internal vs External


  • Internal TV Tuner cards fit inside the cabinet external don't require to be installed inside the cabinet.
  • You Can record video using internal card but not in external.
  • I think Internal cards are cheaper than external.
  • Internal TV Tuner work when the system is on and external does not require you to turn the PC on (Saves electricity bill).