Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lloyd 1 Ton split ac review

I bought a Lloyd 1 Ton 3 star split ac last year and would like to share my review.

Price - Rs 16'000 + Installation 1200 + Stablizer 1500 = Total Rs 18'700.

Cooling - My point of reference is a Carrier window ac 1.5 Ton. my Carrier ac is installed in a 15x11 sq ft room and it lowers the temperature to 24C in about 20 mins in peak summer but I always thought that due to the fast cooling it does not dehumidify the room effectively.
With lloyd ac I get more comfortable feeling as it's compressor runs longer which takes about 1 hr to reach 24C in peak summer. I believe its not giving me 1 Ton cooling may be 0.8 or something.

Quality - I found it to be of decent quality for this price. it has auto swing and shows set temperate on the indoor unit.

Modes - it has cool, fan, dry modes.

Remote control- not of high quality however works well till now. it has a back lit feature but I found that I need to press any button for 2-3 seconds to get the light on.

Noise - Indoor unit is almost silent and outdoor even does not make much noise.

Warranty - 5 Years

I have used this ac for about 10-12 hours each day last reason with out any problem and I hope that it would be in good condition when I turn it on this season.

I need an ac for another room 12x15 sq ft and this time I'll go for a 1 or 1.2 Ton ac as it gives me much more comfortable feeling. I dont want to chill my room, just want it to keep 24-25 C temp and dehumidify efficiently.

Let me know if you have any query or comments.