Friday, February 19, 2010

HP Pavilion DV5 Review

I own a HP Pavilion DV5 and using it for the last 8 months.
It has AMD Turion RM-74 Processor 2.2GHz
ATI Radeon HD3200 IGPU
3Gb Ram
250Gb HDD
Wifi + Bluetooth
Remote control
Card reader
Inbuilt Altec Lansing speaker
DVD RW with LightScribe.
Fingure print reader
It came preinstalled Windows Vista Home Basic SP1
I am satisfied with the performance but i think it runs a little hot...on load condition it goes up to 85C on recommended setting...but anything else is perfect and i am happy with it.
Fingure print reader works very well recognises almost every swipe correctly.
Touch Pad is also very good , smooth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power adapter for various countries

If you are travelling outside your country then you might need some power adapter to run your electrical appliances notebooks etc.
I have seen a universal adapter which fits almost every country's socket. Pictures below would tell you what i am talking about.
You may easily find it on ebay or some electronics store near you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Notebook Shutdown / Hybernate without any warning

If your notebook shutdown or goes to hybernate without any warning then your notebook might be getting over heated and you should avoid using an overheated system as it might fry some other parts.

Please check your systems temperature with some software like speedfan and see if its under the operating range of your peocessor or not.

Generally speaking AMD processors have a much higher cutoff than intel as they become much hotter than intels.

How to connect two computer systems together ?

One of the easiest method would be to use a router or switch or hub.

To connect PC to Router ----> Straight lan cable is used.
To connect Router to Router ----> Crossed lan cable is used.

PC -------------------------Straight Cable --------------------------- Router -------------------------Straight Cable -------------------------PC

PC-----------------------------------------------------------------------Crossed Cable-----------------------------------------------------------------PC

How to check system temperature ?

In order to check system temperature you can use some software like "speedfan" or "CPUID Hardware Monitor"...these are free softwares and work fine on most of the systems...i myself use these softwares successfully.

Overheating due to burnt thermal pad or thermal grease

Sometimes due to some reason if system becomes very hot then thermal pad or grease might melt/vaporise.
In this situation heatsink might not be able to extract heat efficiently and system might face overheating problem.

The best solution is to replace the burntout pad/grease with new one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fan running contineously

If you are facing a contineously running fan in your notebook then i suggest you use a software like speedfan and check if your system is running hot ?

Generally fan turns on when system cross a certain temperature limit, so that it can cool it but if its running contineously then either your system is contineously running hot or your bios is set to run fan contineously.

Most of the bios setup has a fan control option and you can check if fan is setup to run contineously in there.

Notebook Overheating


I have come across a lot of posts/forums where people face overheating problem with their notebooks. I my self faced overheating problem and solved it .. Hence i decided to write a post myself.

You can use some software like speedfan to measure your system's temperature, speedfan is freely available, just google it.

Symptoms of overheating
  1. Notebook goes to Hybernate or shutdown.
  2. Fan Running vary fast and hence makes a lot of noise.
  3. Hot bottom/base or Hot keyboard.
Cause of overheating
  1. Most common cause for older notebooks is clogged air exhaust system.
  2. Blocked air inlets/outlets by using notebook on soft surface.
  3. Failure/Low speed of Fan.
  4. Virus.
  5. Constantly running system under heavy load condition.
  6. Bios/Software update.
  7. Downgrade of operating system.
  8. Faulty parts inside system.
Solution for overheating
  1. Clean your system with a can of compressed air, if your system is older than 4 months.
  2. Do not use notebook on a soft surface like might block air inlets/vents.
  3. Update antivirus and scan system for any viruses.
  4. Update Bios to the latest version, only if 1,2 or 3 doesnot work.
  5. Avoid unnecessarily using system on high performance.
If you have any specific question then feel free to post it. I'll try my best to answer your query.