Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hyundai i10 vs Beat vs figo

As i was planning to buy a new car with budget around 4 lacs, i did some market research, test drives etc and today i am going to sahre my experience with you.
In the begining i was thinking of buying Ford figo, dealer told be that this particular model of ford is not expensive to maintain, so i took a test drive of ford figo.Result was below expectataion, I did not get the acceleration that i was expection from a ford car. It was a disappointment.
Then i turned to BEAT, As per the advertisement it should be a powerful car with a 1200CC engine but when i took the test drive all my expectations were crushed. I again did not feel acceleration as expected and it was like figo.
Then finally i turned to Hyundai i10 1.1 model era, As i already has a Santro so i am very satisfied with the service and product quality. i 10 was never in my list but i took its test drive and believe me it was very satisfying to drive i10, it has a good acceleration and milage with it.
It wasnt even very costly, era model has AC/power stearing/power window(front) and cost similar to figo or beat.
Finally i bought a i10 era 1.1 model.
If you are planning to buy a new samll car then i suggest you always take a test drive and try i10 its one of the best in the market. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Voltas Vertis Plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 Model

After market research and user reviews i finally bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 model from a dealer near my home.
I trusted Tata product and spent around 20K in total for the deal with stablizer.
After installation i turned ac on and it was making too much noise.
I called the shop and told him my problem and he willingly replaced my ac with a new one.
As soon as i got new one installed i turned it on and this time the fan was hitting something inside and was making much more noise than the previous one.
This time i again gave a call to the dealer and he again gave me option to replace the unit.
I again got it replaced and this time i am very happy with the product, its even so sillent that i can hear a pin drop ( i dont know why its so silent).
Cooling is excellent, remote is good and overall performance it better than the satisfactory.
I believe voltas is poor at quality check.
Out of 3 ac that i installed in my home only 1 is working as expected. why not tata make sure that they check every piece for quality ?
If they do check every piece then why did i get 2 noisy out of 3 ?

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Experience with Samsung , LG, and voltas air conditioner

I have samsung and LG window air conditioner at my home.
LG is 3 years old and samsung is 1 year old.
Recently LG got gas leak as well as PCB problem and i got it fixed for Rs 3000.
Samsung is only 1 year old and running smooth...who knows what colors its gonna show in future.
anyways i am planning to buy a new ac and i have shortlisted voltas vertis plus 1.5T and samsung 1.5T.
Yesterday my neighbour bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5T, Its air swing blades vibrate alot and alos make unbearable noise.
Installation guy told them that another engineer will visit the site and rectify the problem.
I dont know if it has been fixed or not.
Regarding cooling...i feel no difference comparison to LG or Samsung...its cooling capacity is more than samsung and LG but its not much significant and i feel cooling is same (Voltas may take 2-3 min less to cool the room).
If voltas engineer doesnot rectify my neighbor's problem then i would go for a samsung.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Tuner Internal vs External


  • Internal TV Tuner cards fit inside the cabinet external don't require to be installed inside the cabinet.
  • You Can record video using internal card but not in external.
  • I think Internal cards are cheaper than external.
  • Internal TV Tuner work when the system is on and external does not require you to turn the PC on (Saves electricity bill).

TV Tuner Card Price in Delhi, India

Price of TV Tuner card as on 24-May-2010 in Delhi at Nehru Place is as follows:

Internal: Rs 660
Usb : Rs 1090
External: Rs 1500

Please Note prices may vary and you might get a good bargain.

Core 2 Duo System Configuration from Nehru Place Delhi, India

I have purchased a new assembled core 2 duo system from Nehru Place, Delhi, India from Cost to Cost and would like to share the configuration and price with you.
Purchase Date : 23-March-2010
  • Processor    :     Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93    (Rs 5190)
  • Mobo           :     Gigabyte G41M-ES2L    (Rs 2390)
  • Ram            :     Kingston 2GB DDR2    (Rs 2350)
  • HDD            :     Samsung 500GB SATA    (Rs 2250)
  • DVD-RW     :      Samsung    (Rs 1090)
  • Cabinet        :    GSM Inspire with 500W SMPS   (Rs 1140)
  • UPS:            :    Microtek 600VA    (Rs 1560)
  • TV Tuner        :     (Rs 1090)
  • LCD Display    :    Samsung 18.5"    (Rs 6240)
  • KB+Mouse    :     Hytech (Rs 300)
  • Speakers    :      Creative 2.1 (Rs 1300 around)
TOTAL :    Rs  24900

Friday, March 12, 2010

How to avoid notebook overheating ?

  • Always use your notebook on some hard surface. Soft surface might block air inlets/vents.
  • Clean air inlets/vents regularly (approx every 6 months).
  • Adjust power profile accordingly. use power saver for low heating.
  • Install some software like speedfan to monitor system temperature if you require to do it.
  • Speedfan link :
  • If you face some overheating issue then try to solve it as soon as possible because heating might fry some components in your system. avoid using overheated notebook.
  • Please also note that sometimes due to heating thermalpad/glue gets mented or evaporated and in that case you should immediately change it with new pad/glue.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to reduce noice from computer fan ?

If you are using fan which is few years old then it might be making some noise.
One of the best way to solve the issue is to oil the fan.
Just remove the logo label and the covering cap and then use 1 drop of motor oil to reduce noise.
I'll try to put a video soon which shows how to do it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is there any harm in keeping notebook on all the time ?

Someone asked me that if he can keep his system on all the time? would it kill the notebook?
I think you can keep your system running all the time and it wont kill your notebook.
I keep mine on for several days before i shutdown.
but i keep proper power management while keeping notebook on overnight ( i use power saver ).
Please also note that some ppl say that keeping your notebook on for several days might reduce life of battery.

Upgrading RAM ?

If you think your system needs more ram then you need to take care of a few things before you install a ram.
1. Find out if your system has a empty slot where you can put new ram.
2. Type of RAM like SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3
3. You should also make sure that you use ram with supported speed like 667MHz,800MHz etc
4. if you want a better performance then make sure you have correct CL for the ram( CS- cas latency, its mentioned on the ram).
5. Find out what is the maximum size your system support on the slot.
generally speaking installing a ram is one of the most easiest task with the computer hardware.

windows vista Home Basic to windows 7 upgrade?

As far as i know users with windows vista home basic do not qualify for a free upgrade to windows 7, they have to buy it.
If you have Home premium or upper version they you may qualify for a free upgrade.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Data Recovery

Someone asked me if its possible to recover files that are deleted from recycle bin?
Yes, its possible but you might not recover in all cases.
You can use some data recovery software to recover data.
If you have accedently deleted some file and want to recover it then first thing you need to do is do not install/save anything on the drive on which the os/file was, because you might overwrite new file on the old file's space.
Use data recovery software you may find some on trial basis or free and try recovering it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

HP Pavilion DV5 Review

I own a HP Pavilion DV5 and using it for the last 8 months.
It has AMD Turion RM-74 Processor 2.2GHz
ATI Radeon HD3200 IGPU
3Gb Ram
250Gb HDD
Wifi + Bluetooth
Remote control
Card reader
Inbuilt Altec Lansing speaker
DVD RW with LightScribe.
Fingure print reader
It came preinstalled Windows Vista Home Basic SP1
I am satisfied with the performance but i think it runs a little hot...on load condition it goes up to 85C on recommended setting...but anything else is perfect and i am happy with it.
Fingure print reader works very well recognises almost every swipe correctly.
Touch Pad is also very good , smooth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power adapter for various countries

If you are travelling outside your country then you might need some power adapter to run your electrical appliances notebooks etc.
I have seen a universal adapter which fits almost every country's socket. Pictures below would tell you what i am talking about.
You may easily find it on ebay or some electronics store near you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Notebook Shutdown / Hybernate without any warning

If your notebook shutdown or goes to hybernate without any warning then your notebook might be getting over heated and you should avoid using an overheated system as it might fry some other parts.

Please check your systems temperature with some software like speedfan and see if its under the operating range of your peocessor or not.

Generally speaking AMD processors have a much higher cutoff than intel as they become much hotter than intels.

How to connect two computer systems together ?

One of the easiest method would be to use a router or switch or hub.

To connect PC to Router ----> Straight lan cable is used.
To connect Router to Router ----> Crossed lan cable is used.

PC -------------------------Straight Cable --------------------------- Router -------------------------Straight Cable -------------------------PC

PC-----------------------------------------------------------------------Crossed Cable-----------------------------------------------------------------PC

How to check system temperature ?

In order to check system temperature you can use some software like "speedfan" or "CPUID Hardware Monitor"...these are free softwares and work fine on most of the systems...i myself use these softwares successfully.

Overheating due to burnt thermal pad or thermal grease

Sometimes due to some reason if system becomes very hot then thermal pad or grease might melt/vaporise.
In this situation heatsink might not be able to extract heat efficiently and system might face overheating problem.

The best solution is to replace the burntout pad/grease with new one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fan running contineously

If you are facing a contineously running fan in your notebook then i suggest you use a software like speedfan and check if your system is running hot ?

Generally fan turns on when system cross a certain temperature limit, so that it can cool it but if its running contineously then either your system is contineously running hot or your bios is set to run fan contineously.

Most of the bios setup has a fan control option and you can check if fan is setup to run contineously in there.

Notebook Overheating


I have come across a lot of posts/forums where people face overheating problem with their notebooks. I my self faced overheating problem and solved it .. Hence i decided to write a post myself.

You can use some software like speedfan to measure your system's temperature, speedfan is freely available, just google it.

Symptoms of overheating
  1. Notebook goes to Hybernate or shutdown.
  2. Fan Running vary fast and hence makes a lot of noise.
  3. Hot bottom/base or Hot keyboard.
Cause of overheating
  1. Most common cause for older notebooks is clogged air exhaust system.
  2. Blocked air inlets/outlets by using notebook on soft surface.
  3. Failure/Low speed of Fan.
  4. Virus.
  5. Constantly running system under heavy load condition.
  6. Bios/Software update.
  7. Downgrade of operating system.
  8. Faulty parts inside system.
Solution for overheating
  1. Clean your system with a can of compressed air, if your system is older than 4 months.
  2. Do not use notebook on a soft surface like might block air inlets/vents.
  3. Update antivirus and scan system for any viruses.
  4. Update Bios to the latest version, only if 1,2 or 3 doesnot work.
  5. Avoid unnecessarily using system on high performance.
If you have any specific question then feel free to post it. I'll try my best to answer your query.