Monday, April 19, 2010

Voltas Vertis Plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 Model

After market research and user reviews i finally bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5 Ton WAC 2010 model from a dealer near my home.
I trusted Tata product and spent around 20K in total for the deal with stablizer.
After installation i turned ac on and it was making too much noise.
I called the shop and told him my problem and he willingly replaced my ac with a new one.
As soon as i got new one installed i turned it on and this time the fan was hitting something inside and was making much more noise than the previous one.
This time i again gave a call to the dealer and he again gave me option to replace the unit.
I again got it replaced and this time i am very happy with the product, its even so sillent that i can hear a pin drop ( i dont know why its so silent).
Cooling is excellent, remote is good and overall performance it better than the satisfactory.
I believe voltas is poor at quality check.
Out of 3 ac that i installed in my home only 1 is working as expected. why not tata make sure that they check every piece for quality ?
If they do check every piece then why did i get 2 noisy out of 3 ?

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