Monday, April 12, 2010

My Experience with Samsung , LG, and voltas air conditioner

I have samsung and LG window air conditioner at my home.
LG is 3 years old and samsung is 1 year old.
Recently LG got gas leak as well as PCB problem and i got it fixed for Rs 3000.
Samsung is only 1 year old and running smooth...who knows what colors its gonna show in future.
anyways i am planning to buy a new ac and i have shortlisted voltas vertis plus 1.5T and samsung 1.5T.
Yesterday my neighbour bought a voltas vertis plus 1.5T, Its air swing blades vibrate alot and alos make unbearable noise.
Installation guy told them that another engineer will visit the site and rectify the problem.
I dont know if it has been fixed or not.
Regarding cooling...i feel no difference comparison to LG or Samsung...its cooling capacity is more than samsung and LG but its not much significant and i feel cooling is same (Voltas may take 2-3 min less to cool the room).
If voltas engineer doesnot rectify my neighbor's problem then i would go for a samsung.

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